Upwork, what are you doing?

upwork logoIn the last days Upwork has become a bit annoying for my taste. One of the reasons is banning some users because they applied to “too many” jobs and didn’t make money or enough money. The second one is about Upwork’s talent specialists. Those guys that search for good freelancers for certain jobs.

Right, so about number 1. I’ve read and I also personally know some persons who were banned from the website because they were “applying to too many jobs and not having success”. Yeah! They do that. Apparently to rule out spammers and such. That sounds great you might say. Especially if you are a client. And I partially agree with this too. But…

Then you receive invites from… let me write it exactly as it says: Upwork Project Success Talent Specialist. I help Upwork’s newest clients find the best freelancers for their first job postings.

Awesome you might think. It’s not. There’s a few issues there that you might not notice at first. But I’ll help you with that.

First, remember how they always say that you should always use a custom proposal? Apparently this does not apply to them when they send invites. Here’s the full message:

Hello Mihai,

I’m Somebody, Upwork Project Success Talent Specialist. I help Upwork’s newest clients find the best freelancers for their first job postings. I’m currently assisting A Client in finding an outstanding contractor to join their team. Based on your background and skills, I thought you might be interested in this opportunity.

I encourage you to review the job posting and apply to learn more about the role!

Please direct all your messages to the client. They will be managing the job. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Upwork Project Success Talent Specialist  

Sound familiar? I bet you’ve received at least one of these if you have at least 1 year of upwork experience. I just searched my email. I have a lot of these… Same template, different names…

Even worse. Here’s the project description:

Complete UI as agreed and reduce latency to 1 second or lower

Yep… that’s all… I bet it took the client 20 seconds to write that. But you’re probably just inexperienced or something because the Upwork Project Success talent Specialist decided that the project is fit for me. I even asked the Specialist if he even read the description before sending the copy pasted invites.

So if you “spam” clients it’s not okay but clients can spam the job list with such jobs and they even send invites to freelancers regarding those jobs. Awesome stuff!

Upwork, I like you a lot. Not like Elance though. That was and is my first real love. But please, start treating us all equally. Don’t just pressure us to be the best we can be but then let clients do whatever the hell they want.

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